Why we Love Android TV Box

Obtaining your initial Android box is a really exciting moment. If you’re like us and enjoy watching the best Films,  ShowBox app, and media clips, before you receive an Android box, then you don’t have any clue what you’re missing out on.

Being able to start Netflix to catch up on your favourite series, then pause to open a browser and have a look at the most recent soccer scores is just so cool. An Android TV box in the united kingdom also provides you an option for watching live TV like the BBC and ITV using free to see services which could be set up via Kodi XBMC.

Not only can you utilize your Android TV box in the UK but it’s so compact you can take it overseas with you. Having access to your favorite Movies and reveals whilst you’re away is just another fantastic reason for possessing an Android TV box with XBMC.

People of all ages benefit from the choices that a Android box opens up. Downloading and playing the newest Android games for children, or after amazing articles for Mum on Pinterest, it has everything.

Another terrific feature is being able to wipe down the box and begin again in the space of few minutes. Updating the box also usually happens automatically with many of the better brands using OTA upgrade service, downloading the most recent firmware build straight from their own servers.

Imagine a system where your children can play mad birds on your TV, you and your friends can watch the most recent movie and for dinner parties, you can play your favourite Spotify playlists directly from you home theater speakers, all remotely controlled by the connected smartphone!

As soon as you use an Android TV box in the UK it becomes pretty apparent that you no longer have to rely on having a DVD player, a TV subscription box or some other sort of player to find the content you require. With pretty much every Picture and TV series every created either accessible from a reasonable subscription service or through one of the countless add-ons in Kodi XBMC, owning additional equipment becomes unnecessary. This gives you the opportunity to get your TV area clutter free, with only 1 android box sitting nicely prepared to play.