Chinese Manufacturing Investment

Foreign companies investing in China manufacturing centers face difficult tasks in managing Chinese engineering and construction businesses. Chinese construction and design policies and practices are vastly different from those in the West. Cultural differences often frustrate western engineers and managers trying to finish their new China manufacturing service facilities.

Engineering design in China of a foreign invested plant required close supervision from the owners to ensure the final design is complete and correct. Many foreign firms assume that Chinese technology companies understand what they want and will offer a design satisfying those needs. Constant communication from the proprietor to the Chinese engineers is necessary and daily oversight and approval of the work is necessary.

Construction after the technology is complete is a much more demanding task to manage. Chinese construction firm organization is significantly different from their western countrparts using the Construcion Manager occupying a position where he can’t be substituted without dire consequences. The employees live on site and are direct employees of the Construction Manager. Their devotion is led to him not the firm.

Deficiency of skilled focus in the construction field has caused many inferior quality manufacturing plants being constructed in China. The majority of them are also over budget and overdue causing severe financial losses for the owners. These issues can be overcome, however, and acceptable quality, on budget, on schedule production jobs are possible in China having a proper comprehension of Chinese methodology and culture and appropriate oversight by the owners.